All About Brendah Malahleka was determined to make it big in the social service industry. In fact, she was passionate about landing on a career as a social worker and making a difference in the world. This is why she left her home as soon as she reached the age of 15 years. She decided to live and educate herself in places such as Africa, Scotland, Yorkshire, and London during the following thirty plus years in her life. In fact, Brendah Malahleka was offered senior management positions in a majority of private and public sector welfare agencies in the world. Here are some important facts of the life of Brendah Malahleka. is considered an expert in the field of kid’s affairs across the globe. She is credited with commissioning so many kid’s services across the globe. Brendah is also considered a great teacher, speaker, life coach, and a colorful media personality in the United Kingdom. She has acted as a keynote speaker in most of the national and international conferences held around the world. She has worked for popular media channels such as BBC1 News, Radio 4, Radio Scotland, and the London Programme. She had appeared before numerous Parliamentary Committees to provide expertise on social welfare issues. Brendah also acted as a council member for the Central Council for Training & Education of Social Workers. These are some of the colorful events of her life.

Brendah is considered a result-oriented life coach with a no-nonsense attitude. More than all, Brendah values her professional and personal integrity. She has the ability to build a great rapport with every client she works with. This helps build trust in her which is very important for a result-oriented life coach. These are some of the most important facts taken from Brendah’s life.